Tuesday 3 April 2012

LET THERE BE LIGHT Six months wedmin to go!

Oh, time! You haven't been kind. You've made me neglect this blog, and our lovely readers - what's more, you've tricked me out of my wedmin duties with all of this wedding book writing, house renovations (thank you, This is Glamorous - I love you, but I lose so many minutes gazing wistfully at your stylish bounty that it's getting to be a bad habit) and this so called life filled with planning and styling other people's weddings. Not that I don't adore it really, but how about playing nice?
The (nearly) naked truth about wedding planning - it's tough! Image courtesy Elizabeth Messina
I've been yearning to get back into organising our September nuptials, creeping up in just 5 months and 19 days encounting. But I've fallen so far behind the wedding planning juggernaut I'm not really sure where to start again. I'm supposed to have confirmed all of the biggies by this point, started a course of facials to look after my stressed out skin, found the bridesmaids outfits, chosen the flowers... I suspect many brides (and grooms) feel like this at some point, where you just want a wand-wielding type to rescue you. The idea of just letting it be the ramshackle wedding our lack of coherent plotting no doubt deserves has never been more appealing. If guests are well-fed, well-watered, in fairly idyllic (but bare) surroundings and I've got a fabulous frock on, surely that will suffice?

But then I saw the light. Thanks to the lovely, lovely work of Aneta Mak and Elizabeth Messina, I got a grip. Yes, wedding planning is so much tougher than anyone ever tells you it will be; perhaps because the end result is so dazzling, a veritable wedding planning amnesia-come-blackout descends post the big day. But it is also the closest most of us get to breathing life into our dreams and revelling in this magical little thing called love.

So when I found myself postponing the planning yet again with more distracting flitting around my favourite wedding blogs, a chance click onto the ravishing Reverie website (if you haven't visited, then do, it's like a one-hit wonder of everything that makes weddings so special, swoony and heart-stopping beautiful) made for a eureka moment. This wasn't going to happen by itself. And having as amazing a wedding day as we possibly can imagine and make happen on our shoestring budget does matter. As a testament to my Love's and my romance that spans nine years, the odd bit of star-crossing I like to think, and general air fist-pump in celebration of our love. It is the best excuse in the world to play out every last fantasy we've ever had (including my arriving by a classic Bond-girl worthy Aston Martin DB6 from Greatescapecars.co.uk, with tin cans and bells on!). I encourage you to do likewise: the situation, your wedding, positively demands it.

Whenever you feel lost in wedmin or wedding not-so-wonderland, just look at this treasure trove from Elizabeth and Aneta Mak for inspiration. There's light at the end of the tunnel.

So, how are you feeling DIY planning brides and grooms? I'd love to hear...email me at [email protected] (and this isn't just another ruse to get out of the wedmin, promise)
Aneta Mak...
A Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall catered green-wedding - what's not to love? Images kind courtesy of Reveriemag.com

Now that's what I'm talking about. Crazy, beautiful love.

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  1. It's really difficult to plan a wedding. I could pretty much relate to this post because I had been stressed with my own Long Island wedding last year. It was exciting at first but the pressure get's the best of you once you only have weeks before the special day. But it's all worth it after all.