Friday 8 June 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: QBride rounds up this week's loveliness (and let's you in on a secret)

Where I would most like to be right (c) Elizabeth Messina.

Happy Friday lovely ones!

Thanks to HRH, most of us have enjoyed a sweet, abbreviated working week post Jubilee jollies. I say enjoyed, but due to a BANANAS work-life balance at the moment that often has me propping my peepers open in a bid to get way past bedtime, the bags under my eyes and general weary grumpiness suggest that 'no, you didn't really have two days off at the beginning of this week. Dreamer'. And I'm scared. Very scared that this is precisely what will keep happening until I'm right up against the big day (3 months and 14 days).

Which is where the little secret comes in. Yesterday evening found my bearded love and I coming the closest we have yet to cancelling the whole shebang. Cue my storming out of the house, realising half way on my stomp that I was dressed like a tramp. Not that this was foremost on my mind (I'm not that vain), it was just that it was indicative of quite how messed up things had become. Messy on the outside, messy on the inside.

Sitting by the river front though, the tight grip of worry started to un-cinch. I actually felt my fingers and toes, felt the air whip around me and ruffle my hair. That probably sounds strange, but it was the first time I felt myself breathe in weeks. Then I got a text. You see, I'm not a 'storm out of the house' kinda girl - it wasn't in anger towards him at home, but just an urge to be outside, me and the air and his ridiculously big old Barbour jacket. Although the row had initially been about money - the bane of all those of us planning weddings on a modest budget, particularly if, like me, you are a creative who works in weddings and keep having lots of ideas that sneakily inch that wedding spend up, however cost-effective and cunning they may seem at the time - it had somehow ended up being about the fact we were both lost.

We'd ceased to be working as a team. I suddenly understood this fabulous and enlightening piece on Rock My Wedding about planning your wedding being the closest many of us come to breaking up. Even for those of us whose love withstands many more rocky patches than the serene, grassy pastures; hardly anyone ever tells you how hard it is. But he came and got me. And when we woke up this morning, air cleared, we were more certain than ever that to pinch a line from The Wedding Date, 'we'd rather spend the rest of our lives arguing like we had the night before, than make love with anyone else'. We just needed to stop taking each other for granted.

So, the wedding is officially still on, my friends. But week's Friday I'm In Love is dedicated to those of us who need some sugar. A little wedding tonic, if you will.

The most endearing in a non-smelly French-cheese-way wedding films from We are Caravan (with thanks to Heather at Bruce Oldfield, who is a treasure)

So glad to have discovered make-up artist Katie Fine, and happier still she's going to pretty me up on the big day!

Hello...from a Glamorous Little Side Project

William Clarke almost trounces the Peony with substitute blooms for out-of-season brides!

The simple pleasure of looking at Aneta Mak's ravishing photography, as seen at our summer soiree

This weekend I'll mostly be practising our scrumped (shhh) apple frangipane desert tarts using this sweet recipe from hipster Brooklyn bakers Sweet Fine Day

What's your sugar when the going gets rough?

Have a treat-filled weekend!

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