Friday 22 March 2013

ISN'T IT THE BRIDES PREROGATIVE TO BE LATE...?? An apology and special edition of FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE

Making hanging around look stylish...
It's practically a rite of passage for a bride - and funnily enough, if you read our WE'RE EXPECTING post, first babies, too - to pitch up a little late. But that doesn't mean it's any the less rude to leave you hanging, lovely readers. We're really sorry that the superbeautiful new look blog isn't ready yet, but to use an often overused platitude, good things come to those who wait...

The new blog will land on Tuesday 26th March, just in time for the Easter Break (wohoo!) but until then, we thought why not offer you a glimpse into the world of @QBride with a collection of her wedding essentials and all the covetable things that make her world spin in a final FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE special.


1. The obvious one: my beardy man.
2. The flowers of the incredible Saipua in New York. For now, it is just the pictures and my wild imagination, but come this summer's US of A road trip, all this will change...
3. Le Labo Vetiver 46
4. Pinterest
5. Wit & Delight i.e how I'd like my life to look. Just imagine if the girl did weddings.
6. All things Paperless Post. Yes, the real thing (preferably scribed by Paul Antonio) is a thing of beauty, but for chic, playful stationery there is no better.
7. Pretty lingerie. My vice.
8. Fantastical and/or unexpected shoes peeping out from underneath a wedding dress skirt. I'm talking about the fancy footwear of Charlotte Olympia, Nicholas Kirkwood and these transparent perspex heels from Valentino (how very poolside Veronica Lake meets Lana Del Rey...). Plus, being born in a certain county, I admit of a weakness for white stilettos, currently having a moment - hurrah!
9. Smythson's wedding planners. Now comes in a extra-sumptuous larger size perfect for the wedding planner...or the very fastidious bride with a cut-out-and-keep habit.
10. My mad cat Jagger, whose slim hips and gangly legs (hence the name) and cheery disposition make me realise what is important in life - the things that make you smile. Which brings me neatly to weddings.
11.Weddings. To state the obvious.

The newly named Weddings Edit and I will see you next Tuesday - but until then, happy weekend!!