Wednesday 15 February 2012


If you were lucky enough to become engaged yesterday (in which case, our most heartfelt congratulations - welcome to the ride of your life!) or are simply hunting for that one, undeniably heavenly gown among the myriad of offerings among the acres of tulle and enough sparkle to outdo Dolly Parton in full blown Memphis rhinestone mode, you will be fast become familiar with the ache of not finding that dream dress. There will always seem to be that one little twist that is missing from even the most near-perfect of wedding numbers, that one overlooked nuance that could have lifted a dress from meh to extraordinary. You will panic. There will be the hours of trawling the Internet and pleas from your Fiance, who will try and palm you off by telling you that you'll look beautiful whatever you wear (a sweet enough sentiment, but if you are a bride like me who is as fashion loving as they are fussy, an anodyne half-hearted dress won't cut the mustard - nor should it).

Worry not. You need only take one glimpse at the Spring Summer 2012 collection of paradisaical gowns from Jenny Packham to realise your hunt should start and quite possibly finish here. From the star-studded bodice and waterfall of chiffon that is Anya, to dark gilded embellishment on Iris (a real siren dress if ever I saw one), Willow with its delicate explosion of gossamer sequins on a classic Packham cap-sleeved, golden-age of glamour silhouette, or the faery-queen burnished gold yoke of Ormlie, these gowns bridge the gap between modern femininity and a lost world of spellbinding, glittering enchantment. The bridal fairytale re-imagined for our time, if you will.


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T: 0207 730 2264

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