Friday 2 March 2012

FANTASY FRIDAY: Agent Provocateur new Bridal collection

Happy Friday! I love this day of the week, my thoughts turn to the weekend (and no doubt all the wedmin I need to catch up on) and especially as it brings the chance to share with you some ridiculously pretty, covetable things that fall into what we call FANTASY FRIDAY. The things that turn a wedding from nice enough, to something quite fantastical.

The latest bridal collections from Agent Provocateur certainly do that. Forget polite neutrals, bras so sculptural they lacerate and dig in, and the disappointment that might sneak onto your groom's face should you plump for the ordinary bridal lingerie many a department store is awash with. At once disarmingly seductive, beautiful and chic, this is underwear to marry for. Made from the finest handmade lace, luxurious silks and with winsome detail in the shape of tufted pom-poms, sinuous lines and playful pantones of blush peach, soft minty white and ivory the precise shade of double cream, you could simply opt for a stylish set of knickers and bra - but just try and resist a full set of Snowberry, Angliqua (from the Soiree premium range), Sidonie or


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