Friday 19 October 2012

FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE: QBride rounds up this week's loveliness

Rosalind Miller's glorious cake: just one of the delectable pretties in the book!

Phew! What a week. This weekend bodes well, with a long country planned replete with gastro-pub shaped pit-stop, and writing of reams of thank you cards with my (new!) husband - all in a bid to wind down from a week that has brought near completion of our forthcoming book, catching up on the New York bridal week shows, and oh yes, a certain matter of the very British art of cake kicking ass.

But enough about me and my post-wedding wayward waistline, over to this week's love in and little slices of heaven.....

Nothing lovelier than brown paper packages tied up with string....other than these invites enclosed in the endearingly humble stuff. Style it up with calligraphy flourishes in chalky white or gold for a little something spesh.

A little bit of autumn goes a long way. And given we're big fans of seasonality here at Q Weddings towers, we've fallen hard for these stylings over at Ritzybee.


Cakes that take inspiration from your frock? Why ever not....

Wants everything from here, please.

Just because

Happy Friday, loves!


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