Friday 1 February 2013

WE'RE EXPECTING: A new blog, baby!

Had you going there, didn't I?
Announcing our news with a fanfare....Image courtesy Elizabeth Messina

Whilst we may not be expecting the pitter patter of sweet little feet any time soon here at Quintessentially Weddings towers, we have an announcement just as thrilling (we hope you'll think so, too) which we've been itching to tell you.

You might have been left wondering why things have remained so eerily quiet on the blog front over past weeks. It's not that we meant to neglect you - particularly all of those new sparkly ring wearers just starting out on their adventuring up the aisle, congrats to whom by the way! Other than things being indefatigably, madly busy what with the Sunday Times Style featuring our little weddings book and all - see below - we've been acting on our new year's resolution to polish up our act.

Which means a whole new, beautiful blog will be landing here in the next few days, fit to bursting with artful, individual, stylish and inspirational content, and chronicling all that is wonderful about the wonder-filled world of weddings. There's nothing like a good makeover, and we plan to come back yet more soignee and fresh as falling snow -  all in the hope it might help you in some small way, of course. Sharing is caring.

Do check in for our usual Friday I'm in Love a little later, and let me know if there's anything you're keen to see or read about on the new blog. It's all for you, dear readers, after all...

Happy Friday!

Sophie aka QBride


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