Friday 21 October 2011

Dressing your Table

Though I have many months still to plot and plan - and likely many more pressing things than napkins to be worrying about, wedding shoes for my first dress fitting next month for example - as one of the most impactful and scene-setting aspects of a wedding, you can't beat a well dressed table.

That I am also something of a pedant when it comes to the balance between ornamental prettiness and over-doing it doesn't help. We've all been to the wedding with silly amounts of flowers that droop unwittingly into the soup, or glittery hearts that end up in places they should never end up. The key to this seems to be the edit.

Luckily for me, my obsession is easily placated with a good hunt through a clutch of websites that have swiftly crept their way up my favourites list and can be used to create scenes such as the one to the left (taken from a Quintessentially Weddings reception this summer and featuring glass and dining ware from Jones Hire, flowers from Absolute Flowers). We're hoping to blend a rock and roll medieval feel with a lighter, bucolic aesthetic created with armfuls of seasonal flowers and herbs, glassware that is not quite right for the period but adds some sparkle and vintage lace table runners.

These are the @QBride's favourite table top dressers... for an tons of imaginative wedding accessories.

Cox & Cox are home to simply some of the loveliest decorations we've ever seen.

Fiona Leahy Boutique chanelling her unique breed of enchanted chic, we love Fiona's lace runners, voiles with your initials woven in, and ceramic wares. Keep an eye out for the online shop launch.

Scarlett & Willow because a few monograms go a long way.

And for good old fashioned inspiration, Snippet & Ink.

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