Monday 24 October 2011

Exclusive sneak peek at Vivienne Westwood Bridal Collection

In impact, pageantry and sheer rock and roll, irreverent national treasure Vivienne Westwood stands second to none. Which is why I had to practically sit on my hands on Saturday morning to prevent them bursting into uncontrollable rapturous applause (not the done thing on the Frontrow) as each of her new bridal creations stomped down The Luxury Wedding Show runway.

The first collection in quite some time from the Dame was suffused with her usual knock-out beauty and spirit which touches on the borderline bonkers at times. There was an evolution, however, as the collection paraded a more diverse offering of colourful dresses and a shimmering corseted dress decked in fine encrustations as if made of stars. Particularly lovely was the Capon gown: a riff on the legendary Carrie dress, but an altogether more contemporary and laid-back affair with a sweeping straight neckline and less pudding-y flounces in the body of the skirt.

The shapes, volume, corset clad waists and couture interest were still there in addition to the rebellious undercurrent that defines Vivienne's work. These are intuitively dresses for a woman, not for girls or the shy.

Vivienne's signature heritage references give these gowns their rare quality, and I imagine the craftsmanship of the atelier of couture dressmakers that creates them is still as exquisite. Having tried a few on at the Davies Street store on a whim, I can honestly say it looks as if the little seamstress mice from Beatrix Potter's The Tailor of Gloucester have been at them.The weight of fabric and finish of the Italian Duchess silks and sheer tulle layers do look fit for a fairytale princess, albeit a latter day one with a rebel streak. Amid the commonplace ivory and softness of most bridal gowns on the runway at the weekend, these gowns were a welcome antithesis.


But the big question is - who will be brave enough to wear red on their big day? I can't help but feel this was more about the drama and facilitating Vivienne to make a statement than being a viable decision for most brides; more Natalia Vodianova at her Love Ball than a wedding.

After all, dresses this beautiful deserve to be worn and rocked down the aisle to be married in. I'll salute a bride that does!

Would you wear anything other than ivory or white on your Wedding Day? We'd love to know...

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