Thursday 23 February 2012

PUT A RING ON IT: Tiffany's What Makes Love True campaign

True love.

Almost as hard to define as the bounds of the universe, it exists above, beyond, under, through, regardless, without rule or reserve - like a north star, always lighting the way even when the daily grind makes you forget to look up and wonder at the magic of it.

True love is the rarest and most precious of things. You have to consider lucky those fortuitous enough to find the person for whom their love never wobbles in this crazy, crazy world. A little sprinkling of everyday gold-dust, is love. It's so very special that countless songs, poems and masterpieces have been inspired by it (or for want of it). And now, adding some sparkling weight to this canon of love comes Tiffany's adorable What Makes Love True campaign.

Made cool - as opposed to saccharine - by hiring cult fashion favourite Scott Schulman (of The Sartorialist) and his beautiful girl Garance Dore to curate, this little offshoot from the main Tiffany's website is where I go to cheer myself up and remind me why really it is love, actually, that is all you need.


I'm not quite brave enough to upload my Love's and my image (plus, the cat would be a little out of the bag about the identity of QBride!) but wholeheartedly encourage you to. It's the second best thing to your lover actually kneeling down with one of those magical little baby turquoise boxes and asking "Will you...." seeing your beaming faces here among many, caught in a timeless Tiffany's-shaped testament to your love being true. I've posted below my favourites - a word of caution though, you just might need a lace-edged hankie to hand...

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  1. I got so envious watching those couples share their love. Tiffany's and Co has all the wonderful jewelries not only for women but also for men. Their mens jewelry in NYC are simple but sleek and fascinating.